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Our Mission

We strive to provide exceptional coaching, quality education, and valuable information to the fitness community and all guests of MatrixFit


MatrixFit opened its doors in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2015 with a goal to help athletes reach their full potential no matter their fitness background or goals. Today, we are even more committed to this goal. We utilize the performance training methodology to empower athletes with the proper knowledge of functional movements and varying intensities.

We are a dedicated team that takes pride in ones experience as soon as one walks through the door. Each person’s fitness journey is unique which is why we provide a gym experience that encourages growth and challenges our clients in various ways; all while having fun throughout the process.

What is matrix?

Matrix is a term that represents an environment in which something develops. We drew inspiration from this definition because our gym provides a cultural environment in which Elite Fitness is developed.

At MatrixFit we strive to help athletes reach their highest and brightest peak; whatever that may be to them. We do this through our unique Matrix Method that combines all the essential factors for athletes to achieve their full potential.

MatrixFit METHOD


Cardio & Respiratory Endurance
  • Met. conditioning
  • int. training
  • gymnastics
  • sports
  • throwing
  • weightlifting
  • nutrition

Other valuable factors helping you achieve

elite fitness

Hard Work

our philosophy

By utilizing constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity, we are able to challenge one’s fitness while helping one gain muscular and cardiovascular strength over time.

Our classes and coaches will encourage athletes to reach their full potential during every work out. They may also find that they become more interested in the “why” behind this training style and become even more dedicated to living their best life in and out of the gym.


bilal tariq - the boss

My entire life has been about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. At the age of 14 I started competing nationally as a swimmer. Throughout high school I continued competing in swimming and also played other sports, such as Track & Field, Volley Ball, Cricket and Gymnastics. While attending university in the UK I joined the swim team and after a year I shifted focus to Track & Field, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. Eventually, in 2015 I began my CrossFit journey in Indonesia and quickly got drawn into the sport because of its constantly varying nature.

Since then, I have participated in several CrossFit competitions in Indonesia, UAE, Great Britain, Angola, and in the CrossFit Games worldwide Open. In the 2017 CrossFit Games Open, I won the title of ‘Fittest in Pakistan’. Other than my years of practical knowledge, I have attended several online and in-house seminars on functional performance, and CrossFit Level 1 trainings in Dubai and London.

Other Credentials:

  • Masters in Management – MS (University College London)
  • Bachelors in Accounting & Business – BSc (Hons) (Brunel University)
farzad bagheri

I am always on the quest for the ultimate; the bigger picture, the defining detail. On my journey, I have learnt that learning never stops.

Born in Tehran, Iran, Farzad trained professionally in gymnastics from the age of five till he was 21. He was part of Iran’s national gymnastics team for eight years, during which time he participated in several tournaments across Europe and Asia. He is a Level 2 gymnastics coach; certified in Iran. His training has led to quick reflexes, clear thinking, and a dynamic approach to all things in life.

Farzad cofounded The Brand Crew, a leading digital agency in Pakistan, in 2008. He is a professional photographer; his work has been featured in the American online publication Breed, and appeared in the coffee-table collective, K’Architecture.


I am a mother of 2, passionate about fitness and athletic performance.

I am a product of a sport heavy, multi disciplinary lifestyle from childhood.

Background in horse riding, swimming, yoga, tennis, snowboarding ,kick boxing , track & field.

I am a certified Crossfit L1 and Crossfit gymnastics coach.

I have pursued crossfit through 2 pregnancies in multiple boxes across North America.

I am detail oriented, strive to impart the richness of my life experience as an athlete and coach In an upbeat fun loving attitude.

farhan a. riyaz

I discovered CrossFit in 2013 and immediately identified with its fitness model.

Since then, it has been a fascinating fitness journey; and it has helped me get better in other things Iike to do: mostly outdoors, punching bags (people) and/or often involving the beach.

As an engineer and a business manager professionally, my love for CrossFit and helping people develop a better (and healthier) lifestyle have lead me to make a committment to coaching as well. I try to push people to challenge themselves in their workouts and they definitely amaze me with their ability to improve and acheive goals- but don't get me wrong, they work hard to get there.

Our CrossFit BNB community is amazing, commited and never settles for anything less than the best (they really put in the work).

It is absolutely a privilege to be a part of an institution which is paving the way for a fitness revolution in Pakistan.


Coffee, scuba diving, Muay Thai, trekking, beaches.

Other Credentials:

  • MSc - Electronic, Communication & Computer Engineering
  • Beng - Electronic and Computer Engineering (Hons)

Zoha is a Registered Dietitian from Canada. She earned her Master's Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from McGill University and her Bachelor’s degree in Foods and Nutrition from the University of Western Ontario. Zoha is also passionate about fitness and she believes that the right diet is essential to improve athletic performance and to see results in the gym. She is a certified fitness instructor and she has a particular interest in Exercise and Sports Nutrition.